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medusianAllureDid I Bork the Romance?
I'm enjoying the content you made. It's heartfelt and the kind of wholesome I've been needing.

My issue is that I think I broke the romance with Eddard and the console won't fix it.

Context: I'm only really using tweaks anthology, this mod, and one of the portrait packs. I'm not super skilled at modding, but have figured out enough to navigate console commands, installing mods, and understanding some interactions.

I'm still in chapter 2 and finished Dorn's quest at Resurrection Gorge. I'm romancing Eddard and I thought I'd rejected Dorn's advances since Eddard is monogamous. But I'd been previously romancing Dorn in SoD. But then Dorn comes up to me when I try and rest and is trying to do the romance confession. Even if I reject him, waking up the next morning results in Eddard acting like I'd broken up with him.

Troubleshooting I've Done:
Before resting, I've tried checking and changing romances.
C:SetGlobal("DornActiveRomance","GLOBAL", 3)
C:SetGlobal("DornActiveRomance","GLOBAL", 0)
Also tried C:SetGlobal("DornRomance","Global",0)

And then confirmed that yes, his romance is a 0 or a 3. Then went to rest only to get Dorn's trying to go steady scene regardless of what I set the romance as.

I've also tried manually changing the romance through EE Keeper.

I've tried both accepting and rejecting Dorn, but Eddard always acts like I broke up with him even after changing romances. I've tried manually changing romances after like so:
C:SetGlobal("DornActiveRomance","GLOBAL", 3)
C:SetGlobal("DornActiveRomance","GLOBAL", 0)

C:SetGlobal("L#2EddardRomanceActive","GLOBAL", 2)

And checking on the global romances afterwards even though it says Eddard is still in an active relationship with my PC. But when I tried talking to him, his response to "how do you feel about our relationship?" was "to put it bluntly, there isn't anything to say". I've also tried using the debug response.

So, I'm at my wits end from all the things I've tried. Guess I can't do any more rests with Dorn in the party? ^^;
(05-08-2024, 08:49 PM)medusianAllure Wrote: C:SetGlobal("DornActiveRomance","GLOBAL", 3)
C:SetGlobal("DornActiveRomance","GLOBAL", 0)
I shouldn't it be DornRomanceActive rather than DornActiveRomance?

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