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RedSpoctoberSuggested NPCs or Mods
Are there any NPC's that this mod interacts the best with (original or Mods), or any Mods that you would recommend using with it?

Hi! Smile Skie has banters with all original NPCs. There are also some additional talks between Skie and mod NPCs, but they are handled by Crossmod Banter Pack. The complete list of such talks may be found here:

I think she has most talks with my Khalid BG2EE mod. There are some with Petsy, but--that one is old and it's been ages since I played with that one! I usually advise to check out my newer mods rather than the old ones, some of which predate the era of EE games.

Skie also comes with
Eddard, if you save him after some talks with Skie... that means it may take you a while until you can find out more about his fate, save him, and make him join, so it may be a good idea to have someone else keep the seat warm for him! Smile
Thanks! I'll definitely look through the Crossmod Bantet pack to see which ones will work best. Was there any original NPC that ended up getting a larger number of banners than others, or are they all roughly the 2 noted in the description?

Thanks! Looking forward to trying this out!
I think it was mostly 2-3, sorry I am unable to check the details at the moment, but I think you should just take those that you like. It's better to have a cool party you somewhat like, rather than a party of talkers that do not work well together, I think? Anyway, having Khalid may be pretty cool, Eddard... Perhaps combine these with your favorites Smile

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