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Sanderson`PPE Compatability
I was using this expansion on a somewhat borked mod install. No portraits for NPCs with Portraits Everywhere. Then started a new game with a careful mod order and PPE after all quest mods. 

The first Sotsc NPC I ran into was "Man" the fellow looking for his axe head. No portrait. So I wonder what is there in the NPC data not triggering a generic portrait? And if it's something you don't want to change, is there a possibility of 'crowd-sourcing' custom portraits for this mod?

I have really enjoyed all the Icewind Dale mods and so am trying out quests in bgee, without full commitment to BGT Smile 

This expansion pack is very good, just the same kind of strange mini-stories I expect after the IWD mods. Do you also have companions that are compatible with just bgee/sod?

First of all, I do not support PPE. It's a pack of portraits from various mod authors found on the internet, without proper credits. Not to mention the inconsistency. As I never use PPE, I won't be of help here. I don't know if the package includes content for my characters and truth be told, I care very little about that.

Secondly, I believe that the BG(2) approach is way better - to include portraits only for companions and crucial characters, like Irenicus. So even if someone would suddenly prepare portraits for all minor characters from this mod, I wouldn't include them. I prefer my mod to match unmoded game style.

Lastly, I am glad you enjoy my mods, I hope that will be possible even without SotSCxPPE content. And yes, there are more characters you may add to BG+SoD. There are: White (BG content only, no SoD stuff for him, though), Verr'Sza, Walahnan, Bristlelick. I also made a mod (The Vanishing of Skie Silvershield) that allows you to join Skie and Eldoth much sooner in the game.
My wondering is more about compatability in filenames or metadata or something, and why it can be incompatible with mod characters.

Some examples: Kobold Merchant worked ok. Ghost Merchant at Firewine Bridge also ok. In the barrel encounter, I found it to have the portrait of some golem. The Cleric and his henchman under Friendly Arm Inn had no portraits at all. Theoretically those two would trigger portraits relating to sex/race/class, but do not.

If the sourcing of portraits in the mod is problematic, that is something else, but I enjoy the effect PPE has on the general presentation. Since you say you don't care for the mod and do not want to support it, then please don't let me waste more of your time.

But one day I must figure out what folder to put barrel.bmp into Smile
Sorry, but I indeed do not endorse PPE and I don't use it and I have no idea how it works. You may check the barrel yourself (L#KEGST), but that would be for you to play with.
Thanks for understanding. Cheers!

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