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KimchiTeaWilson's ToB banter with Sarevok crashes the game
Same WeiDU log & setup as my previous bug report. Banter plays normally up to here:

[Image: K4C6KO4.jpeg]

At which point clicking Continue causes the game to crash to desktop.

I don't see any obvious errors in the dialogue or tra files, I noticed the banter ends with END rather than EXIT as most of the other banters do; could that be the issue? In which case it would affect some other banters in that file that use END, as well.
There is a chance changing it from END to EXIT would indeed help. Will change that.
To prevent this talk from happening, use this code:


I saw that there may be other banters that use END, I will change that to EXIT.

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Wilson's ToB banter with Sarevok crashes the game00