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Mecha-WeaselWM: Xikâsz's Grove of Chaos now available
WM: Xikâsz's Grove of Chaos now available

Xikâsz's Grove of Chaos is a new mod that adds a new quest to IWD:EE as well as provides players with a new possible companion, Xikâsz - an elven fighter/wildmage/thief of neutral alignment.

In the mod, you will get a chance to investigate a new area near Kuldahar. An old grove near which a shady character has been spotted. Is he a friend? Or a foe? It is up to you to go there and find out. But be careful, as you may need to face some new beasts during your investigation.

To start a quest you need to talk to an agitated woman in Kuldahar. However, your main character must gather at least 10.000 experience points for the quest to start.

Some of the new areas were crafted by Acifer - thank you!
Special thanks to jmaeq, argent77, kjeron, SoulForged for their help!

Crossmod Banters will be available through IWD Crossmod Banter Pack once ready.

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