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LavaXikâsz's Grove of Chaos - basic information and download
[Image: grove.jpg]

Xikâsz's Grove of Chaos is a new mod that adds a new quest to IWD:EE as well as provides players with a new possible companion, Xikâsz - an elven fighter/wildmage/thief of neutral alignment.
In the mod, you will get a chance to investigate a new area near Kuldahar. An old grove near which a shady character has been spotted. Is he a friend? Or a foe? It is up to you to go there and find out. But be careful, as you may need to face some new beasts during your investigation.
To start a quest you need to talk to an agitated woman in Kuldahar. However, your main character must gather at least 10.000 experience points for the quest to start.

Congratulation for a new release !

I will try it on my next IWD run. :-)
Thanks! Smile
I'm loving your new are Mods. Thanks so very much! 

Spoiler below!

Naturally members of my team are being level drained in this area. I've been buying scrolls of restoration at the Temple in Kuldahar. We're these scrolls in the vanilla game or added in a mod? Currently the restoration scrolls cost more than Raise Dead scrolls which strikes me as odd. Ought the price need to be adjusted, or perhaps one can pay for a restoration at the Temple at a lower cost, since other "at Temple" healing is less costly than buying a scroll. Thanks again!
Scrolls are added, yes. HOWEVER, they are sort of a last resort thing as in the same dungeon you may find Book of Frozen Prayers that allows you to cast Lesser Restoration Smile I know level drain may be really annoying, so I thought I would add such an item.

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