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DeliorMessenger Quest from BG1 Romantic Encounters

With this mod installed, the dialogue to deliver the letter to Skie does not trigger, either when I first meet her in the estate or if I dismiss her from the party and initiate dialogue, which makes it impossible to complete the messenger quest from the BG1 Romantic Encounters mod.  Since you contributed to that mod, I was wondering if you might know a global or something like that I could change in order to get Skie to accept the letter?

EDIT: I was able to advance the quest by placing the letter in Skie's inventory.  That triggered a dialogue and advanced the quest in the journal.  So, this incompatibility is a minor one and not quest-breaking as there is a way to advance the quest even if the letter delivery dialogue does not trigger on the initial interaction.
It was already solved, IIRC, you need to REALLY give her the letter:

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