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Cullen87Yvette Romance bug
Hi iam at spellhold and have a bug not sure she won’t go though the portal when she says something is calling her north
Hey! You really don't need to start a new thread, write a post in a different thread and then send me a PM, all reporting the same thing.

To know what's going on I may need more information: I need to know the value of you YvetteRomanceTalk (you can check that by using a console code C:GetGlobal("YvetteRomanceTalk","GLOBAL") -- more about using the console: )

It will also help to know the value of YvetteRomanceActive and YvetteSpellhold.
It’s set to 47

It’s set to 47
And the other two I mentioned about at the end of the post?
I checked the script. Make sure you stand as close to the mirror/portal in the norther part of that area, but not just with you, but also with Yvette. The script can actually detect if you are close to it. Make sure you're outside of combat. If you do that, and still nothing, just change the variable with this script:


It should force the next scene.
It’s set to 3 and to 2

It’s set to 3 and to 2

It’s worked but I am now stuck in area with Gabriel and the spellhold is set to six

It worked however I am now stuck in the Gabriel  room and the spellhold is set to six
While I know what may be the problem with portal not working for you (because the Romance Active is set to 3), I have no idea why it's not teleporting you back. You may try changing the variable:


However, if the romance is set to 3, so it looks like you failed the romance at some points, so I think that's the point when she leaves the team for good. If you want to cheat it to succesful romance, you may just change the variable to Global("YvetteRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) - the code would be C:SetGlobal("YvetteRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) - and then it would be best to use it before you approached the mirror.
Hi in chapter six are there anymore romance talks because the Romance is still set to one and  ttalks are set to 47. 

I know I can use console commands to set it to two but I would rather avoid doing that thanks in advance
There are more talks, yes. It takes the whole SoA to tell her story. ToB then introduces a new thing the two of you need to deal with, in a way. While you are in Spellhold it should be still set to 1. The variable, IIRC, is set to 2 a bit before entering Suldanessellar.

I hope that setting it to 1 before entering the mirror helped.

IIRC, she will still leave you for a moment, but we'll get back to you on the Spellhold's "Bodhi fight" level.

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