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ofelia...rff? dialogue repeating
hey Lava, hope you're well  Smile

I have a repeatable issue with Wilson
he kinda just initiates a dialogue and says ...rff?, I choose End dialogue but he keeps on starting it again
Not sure what triggers it, usually it happens after the fight and ont time Wilson was burning and another one my char was poisoned
 I've seen it three times and I just reloaded an earlier save 
But maybe you could help with more permanent solution  Big Grin

an update
didn't expected it but this time when I got hit by some trap he said ...rff? and I had two options - so it was a full dialogue like he was worried about me
maybe that's what was trying to trigger and I won't see this ...rff issue anymore  Rolleyes
Yeah, I think it should be fine now. There was a tiny bug, you need to be hurt for that talk to fire properly and there was a 5% mismatch. I think it triggered fine because you got hurt more and then it fired properly. I am uploading v2.2 which will include a fix and there should be a lower chance of something going wrong from now on.
oh wow
does v2.2 add any new dialogues for Wilson?
Nope, I consider this a finished mod and it was already translated, I don't think there will be any new content in the future. 

But it doesn't mean there is really little already. There are two SoA quests, 1 ToB quest, talks for both SoA and ToB and more. Hope you'll be happy to have tried it out. Cheers!
ah yeah I had a quest about Wilson brother and about duckings - this one is just brilliant 
can't wait to experience TOB's Wilson content  Big Grin
I think there are still some scenery talks / reactions in SoA you may experience. ToB quest is small, but may still be enjoyable Smile

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