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ofeliaYoshimo stutter bug
Hey Lava,

I have an issue when it seems that Yoshimo is about to say something to me but nothing happens but it seems to go on a loop cause I can't save and my char is turning to Yoshimo
I googled that it's called statter, I downloaded a Stutter_Debug_Tool to see what script is in a loop (Running block 17 of YOSHIMO.BCS) and found it with a help of NearInfinity app:


    RESPONSE #100
        DisplayStringHead(Myself,435224)  // Running block 17 of YOSHIMO.BCS


Could you please help with it?
Hey! Are you by any chance using EE Fixpack which is being developed on G3?

Let's see which talks you already had from the original 3. Since they use LOCAL variables, it will be easiest to use EE Keeper (the savegame editor for EE). Open the savegame and use the interface to browse Yoshimo. There, you will see a bookmark "Local Variables". Check the values of:


Let me know which of these variable exist for you and what are their values.
thank you for a quick reply!

I do have this one installed ?

so my local vars:


I don't have BYOSHIMO5, but I have BYOSHIMO6, BYOSHIMO11, BYOSHIMO12 and BYOSHIMO15 - all of which are set to 1  ?
Ah, so you're not using an Enhanced Edition game? Is this oBG2?

And what is his "PCYosh" local variable?
I do use EE version, maybe I shouldn't have installed that fixpack mod? 

PCYosh = 2
As far as I know, EE Fixpack was mostly created for pre-EE BG version and you usually don't use BG2 Fixpack on EE because EE has most of the stuff included in the game itself. The readme says:

Quote:Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition - The Fixpack developers work with the Enhanced Editions to include the bugfixes deirectly into the Enhanced Editions. As such, the main components (Core Fixes, Game Text Update, BETA Core Fixes) are unavailable for install and will be skipped automatically. Some of the Optional But Cool components are available.

So while most stuff is already there, I don't think I saw people playing with BG2 Fixpack. There is actually EE Fixpack in development, that is more accurate, but not yet complete (the in-progress version is available, though):

As for the bug: it looks like you should be getting 3rd original talk right now. It has these conditions:


It looks like you match first 2 conditions (PCYosh is set to 2 and BYoshimo5 is set to 0 / does not exist). The other two are: see Player1 and Player1 is not sleeping. Is there any chance your main character is standing far away or is invisible?
could I be getting this issue cause of this fixpack dunno...

I'm not invisible and I moved my char closer to Yoshimo:

[Image: VNwz8NQ]

There is also like 3 player scripts running before Yoshimo's one not sure if it's important

Is there some workaround?

Sorry just noticed that the screenshot wasn't inserted, I uploaded it to some inage hosting:
(10-24-2023, 06:05 PM)ofelia Wrote: could I be getting this issue cause of this fixpack dunno...
It's hard to say... I think CamDawg coded it to skip stuff that could cause problems. I haven't played BG2 Fixpack since the release of BG2EE.

Let's check if any mod changed the conditions of that talk that isn't triggering. Open NearInfinity and check a dialogue file called "BYOSHIM". Then open it in a "Tree" view (there is a bookmark for that).

On the list find a talk that starts with this line: "I have pondered what you have said about Bhaal. Could it not be that Bhaal intended to be reborn through his children?"

When you click on it, you should see the triggers below. Mine are:


Is there something else in your version? Are there any additional triggers in there?
I have:


besides Yoshimo romance I have Yoshimo friendship mod installed if it matters
Aha! I think we are one step closer to solving that!
Now, check Global Variables to see the value of I#Yoshimo_BY5.

You can do that in EE Keeper (Global Variables section) or by using this console code:

ah I see, I have
and it should be 2 for the talk to happen right? 
(CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("I#Yoshimo_BY5","GLOBAL",2) did help)

Does it mean I should not install Yoshimo friendship together with Yoshimo Romance?
It's just that both mods try to fix one thing but they do it in a different way. My mod sets the timer for 3 days (to make this talk happen rather quickly so the optional romance could happen rather quickly), while Yoshimo Friendship uses the real time. So, in your situation, 3 days passed, but 1 hour of real time hasn't.

(10-24-2023, 06:51 PM)ofelia Wrote: Does it mean I should not install Yoshimo friendship together with Yoshimo Romance?
They were designed to work together, but it looks like I'll need to come up with an additional check just to make sure there won't be any problems like that. I will look into it, I just need a moment...

You can learn more about the original bug here:

Hope that helps!
awesome! thank you for the help, now I now how to debug such issues so will be able to fix 

btw congratz on the recent crossmod update! I've just noticed it and very happy about it
Thank you! Smile I hope you'll enjoy your run! Smile

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