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LavaJuniper and the Stone Leech - basic information and download
Juniper and the Stone Leech is a new mod that introduces a new Throne of Bhaal adventure along with a new companion that will ask you to join her in the investigation of the otherworldly realm of Har'Akir, part of Ravenloft. Help Juniper and travel with her to the mysterious land. See the dark temple, located in the dark desert of Har'Akir, fight enemies, discover the halls of the temple and find the source of the disturbance that troubles your new friend.
If you decide so, you may ask Juniper to stay even after the quest is finished, but the decision is yours. The Daughters of Bhaal that decide to let her join right away, are not in any other romantic relationship, and show interest in Juniper, may start a more romantic relationship.
This mod is part of a new series - The Dreadful Tales - that introduces mods that revolve around horror, death, dread, and even Ravenloft, the Domains of Dread.


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