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sheirlyndreaseveral npc bug
Hello, I am starting the quests in the bridge district and I have a problem with a npc which gives a quest on the platform next to Vully's house and with a weird name and illegible quest".

I reinstalled all the mods so now he has his name whose was "Angry man" and I can read his quest, but it still bugs in the quest log, that only say white golem.

Lava advised me not to reinstall mods with a game in progress, but it's too late  Rolleyes , and I just realized that I have an other npc which bug  Sad 
There is a gnome next to the fountain in front of the Council of Six building, with a weird name and an illegible quest too  Confused 
I don't know what mod it is.

Perhaps i have too much mods and my game is in french
Hey again!

The problem with reinstallation is kinda impossible to fix. To tell you how these things work: all the game strings (text) are added to one huge file called dialog.tlk and are numbered. It's the same for talks, item names, descriptions, character names, et cetera. That data is also stored in your savegames. So, your game knows character X's name is (for example) line #54355 and the first line of talk Y is #55543, and so on.

Creature names, sound sets (and some others) are saved in your game. So, when you run your savegame on a different setup, the savegame tries to use the same references so it assumes character X's name is still line #54355, BUT on the new setup, it's actually #54357. And boom: you end up with a character with a bizarre name.

Plus, there is some other stuff stored in your save game -- like the world map, so it (may or may not, kinda depends on your luck) gets scrambled.

The question is why your first bug happened. Just to make sure there isn't anything wrong with the Angry Man's quest, I checked it while writing this reply:  the name, dialogue, and journal entry worked fine.

(07-16-2023, 01:27 PM)sheirlyndrea Wrote: Perhaps i have too much mods and my game is in french
That shouldn't be a problem. You may, however, want to provide weidu.log information so we knew what you installed and in what order. It's in your main game directory Smile Just use the spoiler tags to prevent the post from being insanely long Smile you do that by using this:
[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Sadly, since you reinstalled everything you can: a) continue playing and get bugs like that;  b) reinstall mods and start a new brand new game.
Sorry, but I I don't think there are any other options at this point... I may be wrong, perhaps someone will come here with better ideas, but I don't have any.
Ok so i post weidu.log well, i think Angry man and this quest were repaired cause i re install the mod and load a game before i go to the bridge district

// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
~FHAUGY/FHAUGY.TP2~ #0 #0 // Fhaugy - Baldur's Gate 2: EE NPC: v1.01
~FHAUGY/FHAUGY.TP2~ #0 #1 // Fhaugy: Player-Initiated Dialogues (PIDs): v1.01
~KHALIDBG2/KHALIDBG2.TP2~ #0 #0 // Khalid for BG2EE: v1.00
~KHALIDBG2/KHALIDBG2.TP2~ #0 #1 // Khalid for BG2EE: Player-Initiated Dialogues: v1.00
~NEH'TANIEL/NEH'TANIEL.TP2~ #0 #0 // Neh'taniel NPC Mod: v7.0
~SKIECOST/SKIECOST.TP2~ #0 #0 // Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - New quest for Baldur's Gate 2 EE: v5.01
~SKIECOST/SKIECOST.TP2~ #0 #1 // Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - Allow Skie to return as a joinable NPC: v5.01
~SKIECOST/SKIECOST.TP2~ #0 #2 // Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - Add Player-Initiated Dialogue (PID) for Skie: v5.01
~SKIECOST/SKIECOST.TP2~ #0 #3 // Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - The Return of Eddard Silvershield (quest & a joinable NPC): v5.01
~SKIECOST/SKIECOST.TP2~ #0 #4 // Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - Add Player-Initiated Dialogue (PID) for Eddard: v5.01
~SKIECOST/SKIECOST.TP2~ #0 #5 // Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - Add brand new SoD-oriented items to BG2: v5.01
~VERRBG2/VERRBG2.TP2~ #0 #0 // Verr'Sza – the rakshasa NPC for BG2EE: 2.1
~WILLOWISP/WILLOWISP.TP2~ #0 #0 // Will NPC, shaman stronghold and new shaman kit for BG2EE: 2.3
~WILLOWISP/WILLOWISP.TP2~ #0 #1 // Change shaman .tlk string to remove "Ineligible for any stronghold" line: 2.3
~WILLOWISP/WILLOWISP.TP2~ #0 #2 // New items for shamans and undead NPCs: 2.3
~WILLOWISP/WILLOWISP.TP2~ #0 #3 // Optional: Drider and Dark Treant Enemies: 2.3
~WILLOWISP/WILLOWISP.TP2~ #0 #5 // [CHEAT] Enable shaman stronghold for all classes: 2.3
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #190 // Utiliser les couleurs du personnage plutot que les couleurs de l'objet -> Pour tous les boucliers et casques: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2010 // Separer l'icone de resistance au feu/froid en icones distinctes (Angel): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1030 // Reveler les zones vierges avant le chapitre 6: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1040 // Ameliorer les gardes d'Athkatla: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1120 // Plus de munitions dans les boutiques: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1150 // Reequilibrage du metamorphe: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1160 // Forteresses pour toutes les classes -> Pas de restrictions (Baldurdash): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1180 // Portrait feminin pour Edwina: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1227 // Ajuster le temps de forgeage de Cromwell -> Un jour entier (reglage BG2EE, inclut un repos): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2090 // Changer la limite de points d'experience -> Retirer la limite: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2200 // Grande maitrise pour les multi-classes (Weimer): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2260 // Alterer la table de progression des sorts du mage -> Table debridee (Blucher): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2270 // Alterer la table de progression des sorts du barde -> Table debridee (Blucher): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2280 // Alterer la table de progression des sorts du clerc -> Table debridee (Blucher): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2292 // Alterer les tables de progression des sorts et de niveaux du druide -> Utiliser la table de progression des clercs et la table normale des sorts des druides: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2581 // Modifier la table des sorts divins en bonus lies à la sagesse -> Utiliser la table BG/BG2/IWD: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #2420 // Attenuer les restrictions d'equipement pour les clercs multi-classes: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #3120 // Patch du bonheur (les PNJs du groupe ne se plaignent pas de la reputation) -> Les PNJs ne sont jamais en colere a propos de la reputation: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #10 // Masquer les casques sur les avatars: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #40 // Peau bleue pour Viconia: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #50 // Script de changement d'avatar: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #60 // Animation des armes amelioree: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #70 // Incantation des sorts style Icewind Dale (Andyr): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #100 // Couleurs ternes pour les habits des roturiers: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #130 // Mode pause dans tous les dialogues: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #160 // Rendre rougeoyants les boucliers magiques (plainab/grogerson): v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1010 // Davantage d'interjections: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1220 // Permettre a Cromwell d'ameliorer les objets de la Tour de Garde: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #1230 // Permettre a Cespenar d'utiliser les recettes de Cromwell: v16
~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #3183 // Triche sur les romances: v16
~OFHEIRLOOMSANDCLASSES/OFHEIRLOOMSANDCLASSES.TP2~ #0 #0 // Of Heirlooms and Classes - new forgeable artifacts for different classes: v2.1
~SOUTHERNEDGE/SOUTHERNEDGE.TP2~ #4 #0 // Bord Sud : le nouveau quartier d'Athkatla -> Oui, mais sans corriger les sauvegardes de jeu existantes: 4.2
~OOZE/OOZE.TP2~ #4 #0 // Le Salon des vases : une nouvelle zone sous les bas quartiers d'Athkatla: 2.93
~ISNF/ISNF.TP2~ #2 #0 // Couleurs de l'Infini : I Shall Never Forget (Je N'Oublierai Jamais): 6.1.1
~INNERSHADE/SETUP-INNERSHADE.TP2~ #1 #0 // Couleurs de l'Infini : Innershade -> Oui, mais sans corriger les sauvegardes de jeu existantes: 11.1
~EILISTRAEE/SETUP-EILISTRAEE.TP2~ #1 #0 // Eilistraee's Song -> Oui, mais sans corriger les sauvegardes de jeu existantes: 7.3
~BRIDGESBLOCK/BRIDGESBLOCK.TP2~ #4 #0 // Les terres d'Athkatlan : Le Bloc du Pont: 1.6
~WHINHILL/WHINHILL.TP2~ #0 #0 // The Journey to the Whin Hill - a Baldur's Gate 2: EE quest -> Yes, but don't patch existing save games: v1.2
~WHINHILL/WHINHILL.TP2~ #0 #2 // The Journey to the Whin Hill: add the optional minor joinable companion - Afu-Zuuvi: v1.2
~WHINHILL/WHINHILL.TP2~ #0 #3 // The Journey to the Whin Hill: Player-Initiated Dialogues for the optional companion - Afu-Zuuvi: v1.2
~TANGLEDISLE/TANGLEDISLE.TP2~ #3 #0 // L'ile du Chene Enchevetre : une nouvelle zone d'Athkatla -> Oui , mais ne pas patcher les sauvegardes existantes: v4.2
~TOTDG/TOTDG.TP2~ #2 #0 // Couleurs de l'Infini : Contes des Jardins Profonds -> Oui, mais sans corriger les sauvegardes de jeu existantes: 12.9
~ALABASTERSANDS/ALABASTERSANDS.TP2~ #0 #0 // Alabaster Sands: the new area of Athkatla -> Yes, but don't patch existing save games: v1.2
~WHITEQUEEN/WHITEQUEEN.TP2~ #4 #0 // Couleurs de l'Infini - La Reine Blanche -> Oui, mais sans corriger les sauvegardes de jeu existantes: 6.93

Anyway love your mods
(07-16-2023, 03:41 PM)sheirlyndrea Wrote: well, i think Angry man and this quest were repaired cause i re install the mod and load a game before i go to the bridge district

Well, you can continue and hope it's going to work well...

What I noticed is that your installation order is a bit wrong.

As it was noted in the G3 thread:

Quote:Sorting out the install order
Since WeiDU mods can not only change game resources, but content from other mods, it becomes important to resolve an installation order before you begin. A good general guideline is as follows:

1. Special: If you're modding a game with Siege of Dragonspear from Steam or GOG, you must run a mod called DLC Merger on your game before you can install any other WeiDU-based mod. Some mods may recommend a program named ModMerge instead, but DLC Merger is the preferred method these days.
2. Fixes. Many mods create new resources from the existing ones, so getting in the fixes early prevents errors in the original files from propagating to mod files. Examples include the BG2 Fixpack or the IWD Fixpack.
3. Atypical Content Mods. This category is a little hard to describe. There are some mods that don't really interact much with other mods (e.g. Ace's Alternate Soundtrack) or which are designed to only alter original game files (e.g. Improved BAMs) without worrying about modded content. Because of how WeiDU handles and preserves installation order, the earlier you can place mods like this the easier it will make any future mod updates to your installation. This is also a pretty good place for item/store mods, especially if they're stable and unlikely to be updated often.
4. Quests/Other Content. Once you've got a solid base, it's time to start adding actual content. Examples include Ascension or BG Quests and Encounters.
5. NPCs. NPCs should go after quests simply because some NPCs will detect modded quest content and provide interaction with it. You may find a mod NPC commenting on a mod quest, but only if the NPC follows the quest in the installation order. Examples include Mur'Neth and Amber.
6. Tweak mods/tactical mods. Most in this category are written to be universal, i.e. they'll freely change items/creatures/scripts/etc. from other mods, but they can only do so if those resources are present when they're installed. This is why just about every tweak mod suggests it goes last in the install order. Examples include Sword Coast Stratagems and Tweaks Anthology.

Within each category, another good rule of thumb is to go with older mods first.
There are, of course, all sorts of exceptions, or mods that really don't fall cleanly into a category. The readmes are there for a reason, and most modders try to help players avoid issues with install recommendations and compatibility concerns. If a mod has a forum, it’s also a great resource to learn about where it should go in the install order.
Once you have an order in mind, feel free to ask other players about it.

Hope that it will help you to compose your next setup Smile There are also some newer mods like "In Love, Undeath" you may want to check out if you want to enjoy quest mods, as well as Acifer's Dark Tidings. Plus, the new NPCs like Fyalvara or Lhannd. Your installation isn't big, you may just need to use the order from the quote. And, if the future, there will be more mods you may like to check out, but I also need some time to work on them a bit more.

And thanks for your kind words! Heart
oh thank you  Heart
Do you think if I reinstall the mods in the correct order and delete my saves and start a new game it will be ok, or is it better that I delete everything and install a clean version of the game?
It's better if you restart from scratch, just to be safe.

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