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BarachielA question for our illustrious host
I see you mentioned in a couple places that you yourself don't use EET.  (Don't worry, this isn't to ask why).  Over on Beamdog, you posted high praise of the Dark Tidings mod, considering a must-have of your mod setup, above even several of your own.  This left me with a burning desire to ask:  "what is your mod list?"  Note, I'm not asking for a PI Install Sequence or a WEIDU.log or anything.  Just curious as to what you consider essential for BG1 and BG2 EE.
Well, it's a complex matter and I generally don't make such lists because there are so many great modders out there! And I am quite glad I had a chance to work with them on MANY occasions! I can tell you that what I am always looking for are story mods (mostly quests and NPCs). I helped to test Dark Tidings and it's a great mod and I must say I can't wait to see Acifer's other mods released. Anyone who saw screenshots he posted on the BD forum probably knows why.

I am also thankful to the Artisan, who along with me added some IWD content (Karihi NPC, Minerva NPC, but who also added his own idea to the ForgeIt IWD Pack). While I wouldn't exactly call Shadow Magic a story mod, I had quite some fun with that mod! There are also his other mods that I hope to see, the new IWD companions, new BG2EE companions... 

There are also other quest mods like The Sellswords, but also Tower of Deception, and some other mods I usually add when I intend to play rather than create... I usually add those.

I already mentioned Kulyok's stuff, the Artisan, Acifer, but there are also people like Kaeloree - I quite like his ideas behind some the mods (Arath, Nephele...), I also enjoyed Rhaella's stuff (Isra is probably among my favorite NPCs). Yoshimo Friendship inspired my Yoshimo Romance, so I am also quite grateful to Shadowhawke for that release.

From my own quest mods I am happy with SotSC, the Athkatlan Grounds series, The Cost of One Girl's Soul, The Vanishing of Skie Silvershield (even though this one is quite small) and In Love, Undeath, as well as my smaller IWD EE quest mods. NPC / expansions I am happy with are Khalid BG2EE, Dvaradime, Lhannd, Xzelë (From In Love, Undeath), and Skie (from The Cost...) and probably... Yoshimo Romance? There are some new ones coming, but I don't want to spoil what it's going to be. But playing my own mod isn't as fun, I suppose it's quite natural, there isn't much that can surprise me in my own mods, huh... I suppose that's also why I don't always install all my mods.

As for EET -- it's kinda pointless since I prefer BG2 and SoD to BG1. If I am to enjoy my BG games, I prefer to do it separately and I don't want to spend much time merging games, while it's mostly BG2EE I play.

There are also other modders that are still around and I hope to see some mods from them... I think jmaeq is quite close to releasing something new, Skitia is working on her updates. Jastey is still watching over the Balduran Seatower... There are still Black Hearts and The Gorgon’s Eye that I need to finally check! I am quite glad there are so many people working on so many mods and I am glad I am part of this.

I know, it's not a list, as you can see, but it would feel uncomfortable and weird to write that, because I am sure I already missed some great projects! 

To those modders, players, proofreaders, and editors I haven't mentioned here: I am glad you are there, that you try these new mods, that you create, or even write reviews sometimes! That's pretty cool and it wouldn't be as cool without you.
(07-11-2023, 05:12 PM)Barachiel Wrote: [quote="Lava" pid='2811' dateline='1689091457']
As for EET -- it's kinda pointless since I prefer BG2 and SoD to BG1. If I am to enjoy my BG games, I prefer to do it separately and I don't want to spend much time merging games, while it's mostly BG2EE I play.

Are... are you me?  I have yet to finish an EET run.  if I run EET, I get through SoD, start BG2, get overwhelmed by new content and/or glitches, and then quit. OR I just play BG2EE.  =D  We appear to be in a minority since all I see anymore is how great BG1 is, and how its better than BG2.  

And no worries, this is what I was looking for.  I'd been splicing together a build based on certain authors so the tone of the writing would stay consistent, and the ones I'd gone with pretty much include most of the ones you mentioned.  Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Since we're speaking hot takes, how do you feel about SCS?  I finally gave it a try.  Got through SoD with it.  Parts I liked, others I didn't.  But the ion BG2EE it seems to lose a lot of its charm and its less about out-strategizing the AI and more about a mix of Rock-Paper-Scissors to penetrate spell defenses, and cheese strats to overcome the tactical encounters....
I focus on the story. I like games like Planescape Torment, Disco Elysium, Book Walker... I was never into tactical stuff, so SCS isn't exactly for me. I know people like it and it's cool, but I'd rather focus on other aspects of BG games Smile

Stories, atmosphere, friendships, romances, unique locations... these are the things I enjoy in cRPG games Smile No matter if we're speaking of the old cRPG games or some new titles.

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