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SaralainFall seems absent
Dear Lava,

first of all I want to thank you for making these beautiful mods. I fell in love with your mods when I tried Shades of the Sword Coast, which added so many interesting and exciting and beautiful new things to discover in BG1. Now I'm playing through BG2 with all your quest mods installed, and having a similarly amazing time. You are an amazing person. Such a deep and genuine love for this world and its characters shines through every quest. 

Second, I want to ask you something about Elistraee's Song. I have delivered the message to Elhan as Fall requested. However, on returning to the Clearing, Fall is nowhere to be found. I've tried traveling back and forth and resting a few days, but with no effect. What should I do to make her (him?) reappear?

Hi, Sara! Smile Thank you for your very kind words! I do my best to tell stories, code them and see how they become alive on screen! Smile
As for your question -- it's been ages since I played that mod, but I think she should be in her underground chamber. Get back to the camp and you will see there is this hole in the ground you may enter. She should be standing there Smile

If for some unknown reason got bugged, try summoning her using the console. When in her chamber, use the following code:

More information about how to use the console:

Ah that explains it. I saw the hole in the ground, but did not realize it is possible to descend down into it. There she was. Nothing wrong.

Thanks for your response!
You're welcome!

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