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This guy has a truly brilliant name - I've spent a while trying out pronunciations - but I can't find him.

With my dodgy eyesight I don't always spot doors. Have I been everywhere?
I've been all over the surface, and through the two lower connecting caverns. I've gone through the three doors - the upper one to the slime tunnels, the lower to the basalisk tunnels, and the middle to Vive. I couldn't find any other exits from these areas.
Hi! Smile
Afu is in the same cavern as Vive - look to the left from Vive, Afu is near the cave's wall. He first appears as a kobold statue, but once you cast stone to flesh on the "statue", you will find out that it's not actually a piece of art but a real kobold you may actually join Smile
Thanks for your other post regarding level, I believe it may be helpful for some players!

Ah so thats what you do with that intriguing
Yep! I hope you'll enjoy him as a character Smile
(03-18-2023, 08:26 AM)Lava Wrote: Yep! I hope you'll enjoy him as a character Smile

Where there is Afu - There is fun!

He is an excellent wee fellow. He's a damn good thiaf I've given him some elven armor, and when a spell riases his strength hr's a handy little fighter as well.
I'm glad you're enjoying the mod Smile

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