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Mecha-WeaselWM: Dvaradime NPC for BG2EE
WM: Dvaradime NPC for BG2EE

There's a new mod at Weasel Mods!

The mod adds a new companion to BG2EE: Dvaradime, a dwarven fighter / mage / thief of good alignment. You may encounter him right after you enter the Waukeen's Promenade (he's near the ruined house, northern-west of the Imoen abduction scene).

"When asked about his past, DVARADIME says he was born into the Rockneedle Clan of the Great Rift, but years later he moved to Amn. It was in Athkatla where he met Borcx, who would later become his husband. Like many gold dwarves, Dvaradime isn't as repelled by magic as mountain dwarves are, and while it didn't come easy, he managed to learn a few bits on his own. But darker times eventually came and forced the dwarf to look for his husband who went missing. That is how he met you."

Special thanks for GoForTheEyes for text editing, and norQ for giving Dvaradime his voice.

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