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kiwidocA Couple of basic questions
Tongue YAY !!! Another Weasel mod   Heart Big Grin Heart

Two quick queries
1/. How do we get sent to Whin Hill? Do I need to do anything to make thius happen?
2/. What sort of level do my team have to be to take this on with a reasonable chance of nopt getting pulverised?
Go to the Goverment District. There is a new person standing outside the Temple of Waukeen. As for the level... hard to say? ~10-11? Depends on sooo many factors that I'm not sure how to answer that Smile
Once again many thnaks for your quick reply. I'll try the mod at about 10 - 11, and let you know how it goes Smile
Some info on your estimate for levels needed to do this quest

Level 10 - 11 is fine but with one proviso. If you have imported a character from SoD  don't head off to Whin Hill really, really early like I did. My first try was just after doing the slavers in the slums, and the Copper Coronet - I wanted to pick up the cleric theif early so he'd get all the XP. Wkat I actually needed to do was collect the sort of kit the group would have collected after starting at the old level and working your way up tp 10 - 11 (decent armour, some +3 weapons etc)

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A Couple of basic questions00