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MorywenStart of the quest
First i like this addition to IWD very much. 
But twice there had been a irritation at the start. The quest starts when the party returns from dragon eye after gathering the heart stone. This happens on high difficulty. In a Multiplayer campange and single player the start happens when on high difficulty the Frozen Pond was finshed.
It' s a bit strange to get the eye during the Invavasion. Of course it is possible to reject the offer, but the moment feels a little bit of.  I would like to block the start of quest during the assault of kuldahar. It is of course a personal taste.
The quest is a very nice addition to the game, which i would recommend very much.
I think someone told me before that they encountered the little eye that starts the quest during the invasion. Fixing that is on my list, but I'd like to fix / release some other stuff first.  But thanks for leaving your post here! It's going to make it easier for me to remember to make that a bit smoother and better.

Cheers and thanks! Smile
No presure! My friends and I love the mod. It's a very cool quest. It' s a must have for the next play through.

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