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ccainPasha Kohvu doesn't spawn
In the area Pasha Kohvu is supposed to spawn he does not.  Verr'Sza has already talked with me and said that I need to hurry and get to this area.  What variables do I need to check to see why he isn't spawning?

NOTE:  I tried force spawning him with CLUA but that does not trigger the necessary dialogue.
You need to provide more information: is that BG1EE or EET? What game version? What mod version? And are you sure you're in the right place? (where exactly did you go?)

The script looks like that:

So as you see, there aren't any significant conditions for him to spawn.
1. EET  
2. Version
3. Verr'za for BG1EE version 5.4
4. Area BG2700  (Lions way)  near where 
Gorion dies 

 I looked in Verr'za's script, but I don't see anywhere in the script where it's creating the creature L#1VPAS  .   I will admit I installed in a game I was already playing, however I started a new game and the mage along with the stone version of verr'za were not in the Friendly Arm Inn.
I will take a wild guess you installed this on BG2EE/EET, and IIRC Verr BG1 should be installed on BG1EE. I suspect that if you check the AR2700 the script will be there.

The EET list:

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