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NanawatzinFhaugy vs Eddard romance
Hi there!

So I did not know where to ask these questions - 'cause it's about a few things. I decided to ask it here, and maybe you Lava or other forum members will be able to share some info/wisdom with me (without spoilers), and help me decide what to do in the future (still finishing first BG atm).

1. Is there reactivity to your romance with Fhaugy/Eddard? From the original characters/modded ones? For example, will Viconia, Jaheira, Aerie react to the fact that you're romancing one of those boys, or nah? On the other hand, if I were to install your Faldorn mod for BG2, will she react to the romance with Fhaugy/Eddard?

2. How the Fhaugy and Eddard romance mods are in comparison to eachother? I know that content/lenght wise both are pretty similar, but what about the gameplay? I mean if you were to recommend each of those to a new player, what would you say about their character, personality and/or playstyle?
I was asked about that today already at Beamdog Forums, so I'll just quote my reply:
Quote:Romance conflicts here are coded like banters with special triggers, but rather than be "provoked" at a specific point, they are started like original banters (so by the engine itself). So let's say Jaheira Match is set to 1 and the romance did not start yet or is in progress (Romance Active set to 1) and Eddard Match is also set to 1, the banter CAN happen and will start a conflict in which you will need to decide who you are going to romance.

However, if you first enter an advanced stage of a romance (Romance Active 2) before the such conflict even appears, Eddard's romance will be set to 3 (unsuccessful). The script that does that will also detect romances from most mods.

That's how it works here. I would say that if you know that you're not interested in romancing other NPCs, just tell them that before Eddard Joins. I am not a master of writing conflict talks anyway so it's not like you'll be missing some amazing talks. But if that is not an option, it may be best to also install some banter accelerator to make banter talks happen more often.

As for the talks between mod NPCs and conflicts: no, are no crossmod romance conflicts. As for the general crossmod content, once there will be anything, it will go directly into G3's Crossmod Banter Pack:

As for the personality of these two:
- Eddard got a better formal education, he was raised to be responsible, and even though he is quite young (he is like 1-2 years younger than your PC), it is quite visible that duties are important for him. He want to be a hero, help you, have a good laugh, even when it's hard, but he will also care much about helping those that may need him, those that depend on him... he will try to do his best even if it may feel a bit overwhelming.
- Fhaugy is a strong man, but he cares more about respect, especially among friends and those he wants to work with; he's not going to save everyone, help every single person you meet; he values self-control, because he knows that lack of it may lead to serious problems... but in the same time it doesn't mean he won't have some ale with you.

Both these characters seen much already and had to go through serious problems, but they're on the way to recovery.

I myself would say Eddard is a bit easier to play / control during the fights, Fhaugy however is a monk and that's a rare class among NPCs. Do not expect him to be much like Rasaad, though. I hate Rasaad so I tried to offer a bit different kind of monk.

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