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MarvinCrossmod Banter : Skie and Irenicus (The Longer Road)
Hi Lava,

An idea hit my skull to by brain yesterday.

Like Imoen, Skie has a - how to say ? -  special and deep relationship with our dear Joneleth...

I thought it would be nice to have a couple of banters in between your Skie and "The Longer Road"'s Irenicus. It feels weird to have both of them in the party ignoring each other...

What do you think?
I wanted that to happen, I PMed the author, but I haven't got a response. I too think that should happen, but modders agree that in such situations both of us would need to approve the talks Smile But cross your fingers, it is not unknown for mod authors to check PM even years after retirement Smile That may still happen one day Smile

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Crossmod Banter : Skie and Irenicus (The Longer Road)00