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Marvin[Tangled Oak] the Xvart's quest
Hi Lava,

I spoke with the xvart in the lighthouse of the village. He said his family and village were ravaged by a lezard or wyrm or I-forgot-what, in a place were there is a lake and all. I promised I will destroy that monster.

I immediately thought about Windspear hills and Frikraag.

Than much later after eliminating this foe, I came back to him, but I had no option to tell him I killed the monster.

Can you spoil? Big Grin

Are you sure you killed the right snake? (yep, it was a snake Big Grin )

There are only 2 conditions for this option to happen:


You should check what's the value of the global variable (if you are sure you killed the right creature). However, for some players, there is a problem with that creature's spawning. I tried to make it better, lately... but I also never found out why some experiencing this problem.

Ok, so it wasn't Frikraag...

I have been through all maps and I haven't encounter this snake, nor it is "Dead" in the Global variables value.

I guess it hasn't spawned... Confused
Nope. Perhaps just go to that area (Windspear exterior) and summon it with the console: C:CreateCreature("L#NISNA")
Also, let me know what mod version you're using Smile
I am playing with the 2.01
Oh, that's an old one! So there is some hope it's working fine in the new version Smile Current version is 3.0 Smile
Yes my game is more than a year old... I play slowly Big Grin
Well, that means next time you play the mods will be even better, and perhaps there will be a couple new ones Smile

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