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HammeriteQuestions about Yvette
Hi, Lava.

I'm currently planning a complete run of BG1/2 and, since I like planning the party and companions before starting, I'm considering trying Yvette. I tried the mod many years ago and, if I remember correctly, Spoiler:

She only becomes a proper member of the group once you reach spellhold, right?

I'm gonna try a run with a small party of 3 to 4 (max), charname included. My planned party lacks a cleric/thief role so I was thinking about adding her and, if it goes well, trying her romance. This brings me another question: Does she has the majority of her content locked, so to speak, behind her romance? For her description I imagine the answer is yes but I want to know if I can add her and enjoy some non-romance content in case I decided to try another romance instead.
She becomes a normal NPC after a few "talks with the parchment" so just a couple of days after purchasing the item.

Also, she stays in the party ONLY if you romance her, that's why it's called Yvette Romance rather than Yvette NPC. Romance takes an important part in her story (I don't want to spoil more, but... there is a reason for that ). There are a few moments in the game when she leaves permanently if you fail the relationship. So it's mostly like keep her around and romance her OR don't take her at all.

I coded it so many years ago... that's why I always have this "I hope all's going to work properly" when I find out someone's trying to check this mod out, huh.
Thank you for the answers. I suspected it was not the case regarding what I mentioned in the spoiler. I remembered something important happening in
Spellhold's maze
when I tried the mod years and years ago but I wasn't sure what was it.
It's true, something important happens there, but she joins the team way before it Smile
What race, class, and alignment are Yvette?  Put them in spoiler blocks if need be.  I ask since I may want to include her.

She is a neutral good human cleric / thief (but she does level up us a thief anymore, she has just 4 levels as a thief, but you may still boost her stats a bit with items). Remember, though, that she will only stay in the group if romanced.
I left the first floor of the underground part of SH that u escape from and when i did Yvette left and said she had to go back, so i went back to that portal and nadda. and now I cant find her anywhere.
(12-09-2023, 04:13 AM)Xira38 Wrote: I left the first floor of the underground part of SH that u escape from and when i did Yvette left and said she had to go back, so i went back to that portal and nadda. and now I cant find her anywhere.
Because she left for good. As I said, previously, if you do not follow the romance properly, she will just leave your team.
Anyway, you already mentioned what's going on here in the other thread ( ) and maybe let's just stick to one thread.
Just a question about spellhold portal, or mirror as she calls it : when the scene is over she pushes everyone outside, Imoen says we'll find a way to save her, but for now no idea how. I started to pull all the creatures that can get out of this portal and now it's inert. So if there is a way to get her back, where is it ? Can I go further ?

Just in case :
YvetteRomanceActive : 1
YvetteRomanceTalk : 47
YvetteSpellhold : 7

Sorry to ask yet another question about the old mod, but it's really an interesting one, you had a great idea with this one, you don't find a drawing who turns to life everyday !
If everything goes fine, then she will escape and you will meet her on the level where the first Slayer change happens. I think the variables look ok, but my brain is running on the flu medicine right now. if you are unsure if it's alright, make a save on a separate save slot and then continue playing Smile That part is written the way that if everything's correct and you haven't failed the romance (and it doesn't look as if you did) then it is impossible to miss her Smile
Yeah I just continued cautiously, just found her laying on the ground with 2 war horrors... Pretty intense this part, forced to make a whole spellhold floor with 1 less in the party, you don't feel very confident. Anyway all is good, she is in sight, I'll be able to continue, thanks for the help though !
Yeah, that was supposed to be the challenging part Smile I am unsure if I would write it the same way today, that mod is super old... But I'm glad you can now safely continue the story Smile
Well the most challenging part is just after that, when you meet good old gabriel who changes into a hopereaper ! I thought you needed some divine abilities to turn into something like that but anyway... Very hard fight he has immunities against almost everything, oddly melf projectiles work well on it and it's lucky !
Anyway after that another problem is the huge gap in xp points there is between Yvette and the rest of the party : 300 000 points difference (more or less) ! She is at 520 000, my lowest after her is Imoen at 790 000, but quite a few are over 800 000 !

I thought there would be a point where she would win a lot of xp when returning to life, and then maybe she would win some when she was forced to stay with Gabriel but in both cases no, and here in spellhold it's starting to really become a problem... anyway since I had no other priest or even druid I am still glad to have her back, but she still lacks a huge amount of xp !
Sorry, but when you first meet her, she is someone who has never adventured and is really inexperienced. And i have really mixed feelings regarding the sudden bonus of 100 000 XP points just to make her be closer experience-wise to other characters. I suppose it also depends if you join her right away in BG2 and if you imported your character from BG1 (because then you could have more XP than when starting a new BG2 game).

Anyway, I hope that even with that penalty you will be able to enjoy the mod. Cheers!
Yeah I'll try to play within what you decided, she just passed a level and got her 1st 6th level spell so it should be possible to handle...

Story very well written anyway, you can't drop her with a story like that !

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