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LavaSouthern Edge updates
Hi Lava, I just completed Southern Edge v 3.4 in BG2EE. As last time, I really enjoyed the mod!

I noticed that Crynn was not present in the Bodhi Lair area (with the spider den) in Chapter 6. He was there in Chapter 3 and I did not talk to him; but I wanted to do the quest in Chapter 6, but alas he seemed to have disappeared.
Also, did you know that the Promenade music plays while you are in the cave with the Purewood tree? Can you prevent that music from playing?

Thanks! Your mods are the best!

Thanks, I will take a look at these, but as they are not critical bugs, they will need to wait for a while Smile With such a number of mods I need to organize updates differently and focus on those that are most urgent. But thank you, will look into those at some point! Smile

And I'm quite glad you like my mods. Cheers!
The new version is up and it fixes a few bugs etc. Enjoy!

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