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LavaKnown Issues

There are some issues we know about, but were not fixed until now:

a) Mentions may cause problems when you use more than 1 in one line (@"username") - you may have problems erasing them with backspace if you use a lot of them in one line. If that happens and you encounter such problems, use backspace until it stops. Then, when you're stuck, use space to break the mention. Now you should be able to erase it. You'll need to do that with every mention in a row. When used in a new line they seem to work just fine.

b) There is not "spoiler" button, but you may use spoiler tags. To do so, use:

[spoiler] content goes here [/spoiler]

c) The forum doesn't work well with text copied from Wrod (and probably some other modern software) - it's besst to write message directly in the forum text editor OR copy text from word to the notepad first and then copy it here (to erase formatting)

Whilte it's not perfect, I hope it will be enought for the forum to be functional.

Hello Lava!

It seems the thread subscription button ("+") does not work and leads to a 404 error. Sad
Gwendolyne - thanks for letting me know! Try now! I'm not sure how they exactly work on this engine, but let's hope it's gonna work fine from now on, heh.
Sorry, but same issue clicking "+" right at "Weasel Mods Announcements"
Gwendolyne - Ah! I thought you were writing about thread subscription, not subforum subscription Smile Well, this one should be fine as well Smile As I said, let's hope it's gonna work Smile
Thanks! Works fine now. Wink

Sorry, I forgot to mention sub-forums...

Is there a way to tell your software to use English spellchecker (as G3 and SHS do)? I guess it considers I am using French language and red under-lines every single word, which is a bit annoying.
Uhm... I have no idea, to be honest. If I find a way, I'll let you know.

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