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Tipp's Experience Points - kiwidoc - 03-20-2022

I've just added Tipps to my party. I finished the Black Wolf temple and got the location of the Forgotten God temple from Arundel. This means my main character has over 40,000 XP and the rest all have more than 36,ooo. However Tipp's only has 10,000 and hasn't levelled up. Is this deliberate, or is it a bug?

RE: Tipp's Experience Points - Lava - 03-21-2022

It's not exactly a bug, but that's how experienced he was before it all happened. While I know some people like it when NPCs are on the same level as PC, it's not always there in my mods. Also, his kit is known to be more powerful than the original kits, so you may also consider it a kind of balancing thing.