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T'viy - new versions - Lava - 06-14-2020

Version 1.1 is now available! It includes fixes for NPC's personal weapons. Oh, and this version also includes a proper version flag!

RE: T'viy - new versions - Lava - 07-19-2020

New version (1.2) is up! It includes a fix that makes the mod work better with IWD Crossmod Banter Pack.

RE: T'viy - new versions - Lava - 06-14-2021

New version is up Smile It includes:
-One new scenery talk
-Longer breaks between talks
-Added a voice/name/biography fix via PID
-Updated portrait

RE: T'viy - new versions - Lava - 07-11-2021

Thanks to norQ the mod is now available in Polish! Grab v2.1 and enjoy!