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How many slugs do I need to kill? - Pryce - 07-30-2022

Hello. I absolutely adore this mod, probably my favourite NPC mod due to how chatty Walahnan is. I've come across a problem though, probably due to me not paying attention exploring all the areas of the game. Whenever I enter Baldur's Gate, Walahnan leaves because I haven't found all the slugs. I think I have explored every part of the map, except Durlag's Tower and Balduran's Isle. I usually complete these 2 areas after I have completed the city of Baldur's Gate itself. I don't suppose if anybody can tell me all the locations of the slugs I have to kill? Perhaps I have missed one in an area and can go back and check. Thanks.

RE: How many slugs do I need to kill? - Lava - 07-31-2022

Hi! Smile I'm glad you're having fun with him! As for the areas, you should have 6 slugs / portions of the slime. These are the areas on which you may find these slugs: