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Innershade's Granny and Skie - Marvin - 06-01-2022

Hi Lava,

I've come for oven hot cookies from Granny Barbara in Innershade. I love this character. She announced me she met a teenager brat called Entar, I thought it would be good if Skie would react to that... Big Grin

Still enjoying your mods !


RE: Innershade's Granny and Skie - Lava - 06-01-2022

Ah, I totally forgot about that, however, I think there is something personal in talks between PC and Granny, I can imagine they are actually talking on their own. But I'll think about it! But there are so many other mods that need to be updated... it's even getting a bit scary  Rolleyes I hope you won't mind if it won't come to this (I just don't know yet).

Meanwhile, enjoy your game!